Webinar #1 My House My Rules

Today we did a lesson on scam security. Privacy online is controlling your personal in the online world. 12% of young people get sent scams. some bad hacks/viruses/scams;

  1. Ransomware – this is a bad virus that can make you loose money.
  2. Bad Rabbit – this is a REALLY bad virus that with give a time to pay $400 or your computer will be reset your computer but instead of paying it you may be able to let the timer run out and redownload everything but I’m not completely sure.

Never trust anyone online even if there your friend online or in real life because you can still get scammed or someone might fake being someone you know so ask them the next day if that was them, you could also get scamming messages from anyone. When someone is trying to scam for yourself is this person trustable?

Viruses could also be passed on by there technology items.

Statistics say that in 2017 the amount lost was, $90,928,622.