Herald Sun #2 Africa is Splitting Apart!




Colossal  cracks are appearing in a valley in Kenya, which is making scientists think that Africa is splitting apart. The Trench in the earth in the Rift Valley is growing longer and deeper every day. But as confused People are the are all traveling to look at the split and take pics of it, geologists believe that something significant is happening underground. They believe the huge ravine  is evidence the African continents will break apart over the next tens of millions of years.

People walk past the deep split in the earth near the town of Mai-Mahiu in the Rift Valle in Kenya. Picture: AFP

What was the deepest Ravines size?

Would a ravine lead down to rock?

There is a ravine in Kenya and its leading to scientists thinking that Africa is splitting apart.

Herald Sun #1 Hawaii Volcano

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Facts – Turquoise

Questions – pink

Understanding – lavender

There is a volcano happening in Hawaii right now and many people have had to flee their homes and and find somewhere to evacuate to. Not a lot of people actually got to go back home to bring there pets and valuables because the volcano was going to get their house the volcano has already destroyed 26 homes! and cars too.

How fast is the lava spreading?

Will people that have had their houses get covered in lava ever see their house again?

Theres an extreme volcano happening in Hawaii and its destroying anything in its path.