100wc #46

We flew nothing left

We danced nothing left

We sang Nothing left

We felt home No one will know

 but they were exhausted as we may know

The life was hard for all they had known

We could fly as high as the sky

We could run through the forest with so much gore

We could try but no more

We felt alone for all that is unknown

We fly

We dance

We feel

We trust

All that counts is the one who lives

the one who lives who writes the tales

The one who writes the tales for love

might be.

100wc #45

I slipped on my Gucci slides and sat on my overly posh couch and sat down with my best friend Kim Taehyung and we were writing a new song. We couldn’t decide what to write it on. So we had to find another way for inspiration. We flicked through the music channels and we couldn’t help but stare at this one video of us with a cover. It wasn’t what we expected. They covered our faces in graffiti they had bad editing and photo shopped us all. We all thought to ourselves would someone really do this to us?

Prompt: We seemed to be on television.

Goal: I wanted to not use the prompt in the paragraph but use it to inspire me to use it to write something else with it.

100wc #44

Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty

The bricks on the walls of the zoo were stiff and gritty. My favourite animal at the zoo was the Gorilla she was so majestic and pretty when she was running around There was a yellow stone wall on the gift shop and it had pretty deer.  always loved running around the zoo but who doesnt its so much fun to hear all the the animals and the noises they make. Why do you like the zoo? I like it because you get to see all the animals but i dont believe in zoo when it comes to putting them in cages.

My goal was to ask a question

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100wc #43

I was on my last day of high school and I was excited for the last day but maybe I shouldn’t of been, because today I got beat up. But I didn’t know that yet it was only just the beginning. I walked through the lockers to get to the cafeteria and I blanketed out for a second had something happened? had I died? had I lost everything I knew and loved? I here a whispering yell come from the bleary view in front of me, it called out my name but I concentrated on the siren that was coming…

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Here is the prompt that inspired me … because I said so…

100wc #42

Bath  Fighter   Danced   Orange   Clumsily

I was walking through the park on my way to my seven hour dance class, I danced and danced until my feet were blistered, because I was training to be a professional hip hop dancer. Once I was done with that I took a taxi and clumsily tripped into the taxi but I still made it there on time to my boxing class today I was boxing with and Olympic fighter once I finished my boxing class I went home took a bath and drank an orange smoothie with was sooooo good! So that was my day and it will be the same tomorrow too.

100wc #41

I hold the rope tighter and tighter but nothing happens i’m just sinking.

I had nothing left of me but i’m not dying.

I still sink buried more and more but nothing happens.

I’m just stuck in the ground like I was shifting dimensions.

I question myself, slowly my thoughts just come and go going past all the years i’ve lived.

my heart is melting through me body, my bones break

I just feel empty, like its my time to go.

But I don’t feel anything i’m just stuck in the ground.

But I never let go of the rope.

100wc #40


I was walking down the stairs nervously for i had been hearing many noises some the weren’t even there I went down and saw nothing. I decided to cook a pancake, I ate the pancake and something about it just tasted off. I checked all the ingredients I used and it was fine. The very next morning i got dressed in a pink dress and went down to the river, it was beautiful the sunrise glistened and shined over the river I had never seen anything that pretty in me whole entire life.

100wc #39

Poppie was doing a class play for school and had to paint the back drop.

“But what colour should it be?” Poppie asked her teacher. Poppie loved always being the one to paint the backdrops she found it relaxing. The school play this year was on supporting wild life and all the kids were gonna dress up as birds. It was also a fund raiser because you had to pay for your tickets to watch it. But its for a good cause. Poppie ended up painting parrots in the rain forest. Its going to be the best play ever!

100wc #38

Mia had lost her parents over 3 years ago. But she never thought that someone could die that way, so she was willing to find out the truth. Sure, she had doubts that she wouldn’t find them but later I received a letter. As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face I couldn’t believe what I had just read. Mia had just read a letter from scientist up north of America and it said something about her parents discovering something great Mia’s parents were alive and well. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to hear.

100wc #37

I had finally done it I had found a way to travel between different dimensions. If was different it was new it was… The new way to travel everyone loved it until Prof. Ceondroid found a glitch in the system. Every time someone travels a new species of animals come but kill another. So, what would they do? kill animals but get more or stop traveling through other dimensions? Well they simply just found out all the ways to breed all the animals back and they kept traveling it wasn’t efficient but was worth it don’t you think?