btn #17 Performance Poetry




Solli Raphael is a 13 year old who competes in the Slam poetry industry and he talks about what he likes about slam poetry and what it is.

the difference between other poems compared to slam poems is that slam poems can have any topic any structure fast and slow verses stanzas the list goes on and on and its entirely up to the poet to say how and what there going to write it on because it has endless possibilities. But other poems tend to have restrictions in certain areas.

Slam poems tend to be about topics like politics equality education and sometimes the enviroment but they can be about other thing too.

Can you have your poem with you at the competition things or do you have to memories them?

Is it easy to come up with the lyrics of the poems?

My under standing is that slam poems have endless possibility’s but you can do anything with them.

100wc #46

We flew nothing left

We danced nothing left

We sang Nothing left

We felt home No one will know

 but they were exhausted as we may know

The life was hard for all they had known

We could fly as high as the sky

We could run through the forest with so much gore

We could try but no more

We felt alone for all that is unknown

We fly

We dance

We feel

We trust

All that counts is the one who lives

the one who lives who writes the tales

The one who writes the tales for love

might be.

Edison Protocode

Edison will first go 30cm forward then turn 90′ right then 20cm after 180′ turn it will go 24cm forward and will then do a 90′ turn. Next he will go 28cm forward and then do a 90′ turn after he will go 24cm and will do an 180′ turn 30cm forward after he will turn 90′ right and move another 30cm then he will do an 360′ turn and will then walk 48cm and turn the LED’s on and then will beep after he will be waiting 15 seconds and turning the LED’s off after he will walk 30cm.

The Mars rover will go a series of left and rights dodging rocks once it hits the cave it uses its lasers to get inside, turning them on, waiting 15 seconds, then going in.

btn #16 Humans in Space




The universe is made up from suns, stars, asteroids, moons, planets and more. But were never able to travel to by the human. So on April 12 1961 it all changed and that day marked the first day humans had ever traveled out of earth into space. This trip was made by Yuri Gagarin a Russian cosmonaut in the Vostok 1. Going to space became something people wanted to concur this was mostly important in USA and Russia. So giant amounts of money and research went into building the Apollo 11 which on July 20 1969 it supposedly landed on the moon. In 1973 Americans set up something called Skylab which allows people to live on the moon. In 1981 they launched the space shuttle Columbia marked the beginning of reusable space crafts. They also helped build the international space station. People want to send others to Mars for an out of this world reality tv show.

Why don’t they just send people the the moon more first because I don’t belive that we have actually landed on the moon because you see all the conspiracy theories and if you connect the dots it does actually make it seem fake?

If we had the technology to go to the moon why do they need to prove themselves that they can go further?

My understanding is that people have done many great things and made history in many ways.        

100wc #45

I slipped on my Gucci slides and sat on my overly posh couch and sat down with my best friend Kim Taehyung and we were writing a new song. We couldn’t decide what to write it on. So we had to find another way for inspiration. We flicked through the music channels and we couldn’t help but stare at this one video of us with a cover. It wasn’t what we expected. They covered our faces in graffiti they had bad editing and photo shopped us all. We all thought to ourselves would someone really do this to us?

Prompt: We seemed to be on television.

Goal: I wanted to not use the prompt in the paragraph but use it to inspire me to use it to write something else with it.

100wc #44

Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty

The bricks on the walls of the zoo were stiff and gritty. My favourite animal at the zoo was the Gorilla she was so majestic and pretty when she was running around There was a yellow stone wall on the gift shop and it had pretty deer.  always loved running around the zoo but who doesnt its so much fun to hear all the the animals and the noises they make. Why do you like the zoo? I like it because you get to see all the animals but i dont believe in zoo when it comes to putting them in cages.

My goal was to ask a question

Heres 100wc link!

btn #15 Mars Experiment




Scientists are running experiments to see how people would act if they were going to Mars or are on Mars. These experiments are run in a white dome next to a volcano in Hawaii maybe to recreate the temperatures of mars. But the experiment is an isolation experiment, so if they want to leave the 11m dome they have to where a space suit. But the experiment was pretty much done to see if 6 people could last a year with almost identical conditions of Mars.

Why did the scientists choose to do the experiments next to a volcano?

Would this experiment effect the possible outcomes of us going to Mars in the long run? 

My understanding is that scientists are doing experiments in a dome and its to see if people would last on Mars. 

100wc #43

I was on my last day of high school and I was excited for the last day but maybe I shouldn’t of been, because today I got beat up. But I didn’t know that yet it was only just the beginning. I walked through the lockers to get to the cafeteria and I blanketed out for a second had something happened? had I died? had I lost everything I knew and loved? I here a whispering yell come from the bleary view in front of me, it called out my name but I concentrated on the siren that was coming…

Heres the link! 

Here is the prompt that inspired me … because I said so…

Topic- The Solar System – Our Home in Space




We live the milky way in the solar system that is over 4 1\2 billion year old place that travels around the galactic center at 200,000km per hour, and also circles it every 250,000,000 years. We circle a star that’s in the center of our solar system called the sun and 8 planets circle it, and the 8 planets are divided into 4 groups, terrestrial planets, Mercury, Venus, earth and Mars and 4 gas giants which include, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Mercury is the the smallest and lightest planet and does not have any moons, Venus is 1 of the brightest planets in our solar system and is the hottest planet and the out of control temperatures there mean that it never cools under 430 degrees c and has no moons. Earth is our planet and is the only planet with temperatures that are nice enough to allow us to have liquid water and the only place that life is know so far, and the earth owns 1 moon. Mars is the second smallest planet in our solar system and hardly big enough to keep a very thin atmosphere the Olympus Mons largest mountain known in our solar system, Mars has 3 small moons. Now onto gas giants, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and is the place were the largest storm that we know of, the great red spot and Jupiter has 67 moons. Saturn is the second largest planet, Saturn is know for the extra large rings and has 62 moons. Uranus is the 3rd largest planet and is 1 of the coldest planets unlike all the other planets Uranus’s axis is tilted like earth and has 27 moons. Neptune is the last planet in the solar system and is pretty much the same and Uranus and has 14 moons.

The sun creates enough energy to be able to keep us warm and to satisfy man kind for many more years to come except for the day when the sun melts the crust of our planet wiping out the entire population until the sun perishes into nothing in the galaxy but thats in over 1 billion years. Then man kind will then be extinct until we find a new planet to call come.

Why does it have to be our solar system that has to get destroyed?

Will the galaxy ever get destroyed?

My understanding is that there are 8 planets 4 gas giants and 4 planets and 1 day out solar system will be gone forever.

Heres a link to the video!

BTN #14 Mars Mission





There was excited news at Nasa when they successfully launched a rover called Curiosity onto Mars in the year 2012. A group of highly trained and professional group of scientists successfully landed Curiosity onto the surface of Mars which was hopefully going to change our knowledge about Mars forever. Curiosity is a rover the size of a car and is equipped with all sorts of technology attached to him. But the way they got this rover to Mars was an 8 month trip and the 7 minutes of terror, the 7 minutes of terror was the most interesting and scary thing that happened because the rover had to slow down from over 20,000 kays to 0 in just seven minutes thats were it got its name. The way they landed the rover was with a little shuttle that was holding it but it really got onto the surface with a para-shoot and jet pack type things on the bottom of the rover making an extremely cool landing. 

There are many reasons why curiosity was launched to Mars but one of them was to look at the surface and examine traces of life and water it also looks for radiation signs, because scientists are hoping in the near future to have people live on Mars.

How did the little pod that was holding keep all its gas that makes it fly inside because it didn’t look like there was a lot of room in the little pod?

 How did the pod survive the toxic layer around earth?

My understanding is that there is a rover up on mars which has been there for 7 years examining to surface and taking samples so we can hopefully build life & civilization on Mars because of the water signs and the air.

Link to the video click here to see it.