100wc #44

Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty

The bricks on the walls of the zoo were stiff and gritty. My favourite animal at the zoo was the Gorilla she was so majestic and pretty when she was running around There was a yellow stone wall on the gift shop and it had pretty deer.  always loved running around the zoo but who doesnt its so much fun to hear all the the animals and the noises they make. Why do you like the zoo? I like it because you get to see all the animals but i dont believe in zoo when it comes to putting them in cages.

My goal was to ask a question

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btn #15 Mars Experiment




Scientists are running experiments to see how people would act if they were going to Mars or are on Mars. These experiments are run in a white dome next to a volcano in Hawaii maybe to recreate the temperatures of mars. But the experiment is an isolation experiment, so if they want to leave the 11m dome they have to where a space suit. But the experiment was pretty much done to see if 6 people could last a year with almost identical conditions of Mars.

Why did the scientists choose to do the experiments next to a volcano?

Would this experiment effect the possible outcomes of us going to Mars in the long run? 

My understanding is that scientists are doing experiments in a dome and its to see if people would last on Mars. 

100wc #43

I was on my last day of high school and I was excited for the last day but maybe I shouldn’t of been, because today I got beat up. But I didn’t know that yet it was only just the beginning. I walked through the lockers to get to the cafeteria and I blanketed out for a second had something happened? had I died? had I lost everything I knew and loved? I here a whispering yell come from the bleary view in front of me, it called out my name but I concentrated on the siren that was coming…

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Topic- The Solar System – Our Home in Space




We live the milky way in the solar system that is over 4 1\2 billion year old place that travels around the galactic center at 200,000km per hour, and also circles it every 250,000,000 years. We circle a star that’s in the center of our solar system called the sun and 8 planets circle it, and the 8 planets are divided into 4 groups, terrestrial planets, Mercury, Venus, earth and Mars and 4 gas giants which include, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Mercury is the the smallest and lightest planet and does not have any moons, Venus is 1 of the brightest planets in our solar system and is the hottest planet and the out of control temperatures there mean that it never cools under 430 degrees c and has no moons. Earth is our planet and is the only planet with temperatures that are nice enough to allow us to have liquid water and the only place that life is know so far, and the earth owns 1 moon. Mars is the second smallest planet in our solar system and hardly big enough to keep a very thin atmosphere the Olympus Mons largest mountain known in our solar system, Mars has 3 small moons. Now onto gas giants, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and is the place were the largest storm that we know of, the great red spot and Jupiter has 67 moons. Saturn is the second largest planet, Saturn is know for the extra large rings and has 62 moons. Uranus is the 3rd largest planet and is 1 of the coldest planets unlike all the other planets Uranus’s axis is tilted like earth and has 27 moons. Neptune is the last planet in the solar system and is pretty much the same and Uranus and has 14 moons.

The sun creates enough energy to be able to keep us warm and to satisfy man kind for many more years to come except for the day when the sun melts the crust of our planet wiping out the entire population until the sun perishes into nothing in the galaxy but thats in over 1 billion years. Then man kind will then be extinct until we find a new planet to call come.

Why does it have to be our solar system that has to get destroyed?

Will the galaxy ever get destroyed?

My understanding is that there are 8 planets 4 gas giants and 4 planets and 1 day out solar system will be gone forever.

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BTN #14 Mars Mission





There was excited news at Nasa when they successfully launched a rover called Curiosity onto Mars in the year 2012. A group of highly trained and professional group of scientists successfully landed Curiosity onto the surface of Mars which was hopefully going to change our knowledge about Mars forever. Curiosity is a rover the size of a car and is equipped with all sorts of technology attached to him. But the way they got this rover to Mars was an 8 month trip and the 7 minutes of terror, the 7 minutes of terror was the most interesting and scary thing that happened because the rover had to slow down from over 20,000 kays to 0 in just seven minutes thats were it got its name. The way they landed the rover was with a little shuttle that was holding it but it really got onto the surface with a para-shoot and jet pack type things on the bottom of the rover making an extremely cool landing. 

There are many reasons why curiosity was launched to Mars but one of them was to look at the surface and examine traces of life and water it also looks for radiation signs, because scientists are hoping in the near future to have people live on Mars.

How did the little pod that was holding keep all its gas that makes it fly inside because it didn’t look like there was a lot of room in the little pod?

 How did the pod survive the toxic layer around earth?

My understanding is that there is a rover up on mars which has been there for 7 years examining to surface and taking samples so we can hopefully build life & civilization on Mars because of the water signs and the air.

Link to the video click here to see it.

Topic- Ancient Astronomy

Greeks – teal

Maya – pink

Babylonians – purple

Hypotacus was believed to be the best astronomer, He created trigonometry, he documented thousands of stars and created something called ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’ which was a term for the earth wobbling around on an axis. Which is used to predict that in 10,000 years the north star will be Polaris. 

The Maya are a group of mesoamerican Indians made a calendar that was called ‘the long count calendar’ and it was based on the base number 20. But we don’t know much about the Maya because all their studies were burned by Spanish  conquestidores.

The Babylonians were very advanced in their studies because they had a great writing system. So they were able to write down large amounts of math and stuff about stars which they used to make calender’s but with the base 10 system, which they used to time important things. They also used them to predict astronomical phenomenons. It was also the place were forms of modern horoscopic astrology was formed.  

100wc #42

Bath  Fighter   Danced   Orange   Clumsily

I was walking through the park on my way to my seven hour dance class, I danced and danced until my feet were blistered, because I was training to be a professional hip hop dancer. Once I was done with that I took a taxi and clumsily tripped into the taxi but I still made it there on time to my boxing class today I was boxing with and Olympic fighter once I finished my boxing class I went home took a bath and drank an orange smoothie with was sooooo good! So that was my day and it will be the same tomorrow too.

Racing Horses

“That’s the last of it,” I say whipping the sweat off my forehead to my friend while finishing packing my car. 

“For the last time what are you doing” my friend Teal says.

“I’m moving I financially couldn’t afford it. I’m moving to a farm.” I sob with happiness.

“Molly that’s disgusting I can’t possibly let my best friend live on a poopy farm for the rest of her life.”


I mean come on Molly is that seriously what your going to do for the rest of your life you couldn’t of just bought a small apartment in the city like a farm just no.”                                                                               

“Well sorry but Im passionate about this Teal you can’t just take all my dreams away, it’s just not right.” I say.

“I need to do what’s right for me and me only ok” I say

“Ok I’m sorry I just have a long history with farms.” Teal says.


About an hour later I took off to my new home. It was little but homey the air was crisp and fresh with a faint smell of lemons it was truly beautiful it also had a like 20 horses and had a trainer and jockey on the property next door. They had mighty fine racehorses and gave me 1 of the colts from Secretariat the fastest horse that has ever lived. I looked at his markings they so different so unique that’s what made her special. Her name was Willow. He was a fine race horse he was a Morgan x thoroughbred one of the finest racing breeds possible. Ideas Struck what if I race Willow and get a couple hundred thousands bucks under name and buy my house back. I knew at my heart that I could risque losing some again About a week later we decided to race her, her race name would be Hasty Matilda.


We the entered her in her very first race. She could run like no other he was something that wasn’t like any other horse he had a gift, she was afraid of nothing, she laughed at fear, she could never stand still in her gate, she hears the buzzer roar. She runs and runs she hears the cheers and bolts he starts last and then runs passing everyone in her path he won the race by 37 horse lengths, she finishes and bucks and rears with emptiness I could feel her pain the determination the pride the emptiness I felt sad because she was so young and beautiful I could never let her down.


We immediately took her to the emergency centre in the racehorses hospital were they treated her like a princess, they checked her leg and went under surgery, it took three days but the last was the best she awoke from the pain medication and jumped about with no care about her leg she didn’t even notice she was hurt. I finally got to see her but it didn’t last long they had to trailer her in a trailer filled with soft padding so she didn’t do anything naughty in the trailer as she liked to do stuff like that.

100wc #41

I hold the rope tighter and tighter but nothing happens i’m just sinking.

I had nothing left of me but i’m not dying.

I still sink buried more and more but nothing happens.

I’m just stuck in the ground like I was shifting dimensions.

I question myself, slowly my thoughts just come and go going past all the years i’ve lived.

my heart is melting through me body, my bones break

I just feel empty, like its my time to go.

But I don’t feel anything i’m just stuck in the ground.

But I never let go of the rope.

100wc #40


I was walking down the stairs nervously for i had been hearing many noises some the weren’t even there I went down and saw nothing. I decided to cook a pancake, I ate the pancake and something about it just tasted off. I checked all the ingredients I used and it was fine. The very next morning i got dressed in a pink dress and went down to the river, it was beautiful the sunrise glistened and shined over the river I had never seen anything that pretty in me whole entire life.