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We live the milky way in the solar system that is over 4 1\2 billion year old place that travels around the galactic center at 200,000km per hour, and also circles it every 250,000,000 years. We circle a star that’s in the center of our solar system called the sun and 8 planets circle it, and the 8 planets are divided into 4 groups, terrestrial planets, Mercury, Venus, earth and Mars and 4 gas giants which include, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Mercury is the the smallest and lightest planet and does not have any moons, Venus is 1 of the brightest planets in our solar system and is the hottest planet and the out of control temperatures there mean that it never cools under 430 degrees c and has no moons. Earth is our planet and is the only planet with temperatures that are nice enough to allow us to have liquid water and the only place that life is know so far, and the earth owns 1 moon. Mars is the second smallest planet in our solar system and hardly big enough to keep a very thin atmosphere the Olympus Mons largest mountain known in our solar system, Mars has 3 small moons. Now onto gas giants, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and is the place were the largest storm that we know of, the great red spot and Jupiter has 67 moons. Saturn is the second largest planet, Saturn is know for the extra large rings and has 62 moons. Uranus is the 3rd largest planet and is 1 of the coldest planets unlike all the other planets Uranus’s axis is tilted like earth and has 27 moons. Neptune is the last planet in the solar system and is pretty much the same and Uranus and has 14 moons.

The sun creates enough energy to be able to keep us warm and to satisfy man kind for many more years to come except for the day when the sun melts the crust of our planet wiping out the entire population until the sun perishes into nothing in the galaxy but thats in over 1 billion years. Then man kind will then be extinct until we find a new planet to call come.

Why does it have to be our solar system that has to get destroyed?

Will the galaxy ever get destroyed?

My understanding is that there are 8 planets 4 gas giants and 4 planets and 1 day out solar system will be gone forever.

Heres a link to the video!

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