BTN #14 Mars Mission





There was excited news at Nasa when they successfully launched a rover called Curiosity onto Mars in the year 2012. A group of highly trained and professional group of scientists successfully landed Curiosity onto the surface of Mars which was hopefully going to change our knowledge about Mars forever. Curiosity is a rover the size of a car and is equipped with all sorts of technology attached to him. But the way they got this rover to Mars was an 8 month trip and the 7 minutes of terror, the 7 minutes of terror was the most interesting and scary thing that happened because the rover had to slow down from over 20,000 kays to 0 in just seven minutes thats were it got its name. The way they landed the rover was with a little shuttle that was holding it but it really got onto the surface with a para-shoot and jet pack type things on the bottom of the rover making an extremely cool landing. 

There are many reasons why curiosity was launched to Mars but one of them was to look at the surface and examine traces of life and water it also looks for radiation signs, because scientists are hoping in the near future to have people live on Mars.

How did the little pod that was holding keep all its gas that makes it fly inside because it didn’t look like there was a lot of room in the little pod?

 How did the pod survive the toxic layer around earth?

My understanding is that there is a rover up on mars which has been there for 7 years examining to surface and taking samples so we can hopefully build life & civilization on Mars because of the water signs and the air.

Link to the video click here to see it.

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