Topic- Ancient Astronomy

Greeks – teal

Maya – pink

Babylonians – purple

Hypotacus was believed to be the best astronomer, He created trigonometry, he documented thousands of stars and created something called ‘Precession of the Equinoxes’ which was a term for the earth wobbling around on an axis. Which is used to predict that in 10,000 years the north star will be Polaris. 

The Maya are a group of mesoamerican Indians made a calendar that was called ‘the long count calendar’ and it was based on the base number 20. But we don’t know much about the Maya because all their studies were burned by Spanish  conquestidores.

The Babylonians were very advanced in their studies because they had a great writing system. So they were able to write down large amounts of math and stuff about stars which they used to make calender’s but with the base 10 system, which they used to time important things. They also used them to predict astronomical phenomenons. It was also the place were forms of modern horoscopic astrology was formed.  

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