100wc #40


I was walking down the stairs nervously for i had been hearing many noises some the weren’t even there I went down and saw nothing. I decided to cook a pancake, I ate the pancake and something about it just tasted off. I checked all the ingredients I used and it was fine. The very next morning i got dressed in a pink dress and went down to the river, it was beautiful the sunrise glistened and shined over the river I had never seen anything that pretty in me whole entire life.

One thought on “100wc #40

  1. Emily,
    this is a lovely descriptive piece. You’ve thought about how each of the words might be used to create a vivid picture for the audience and created very rich sentences.
    It can be hard with these collections of random words, but if you can next time try to put them together in a story with a beginning, middle and end. For instance, I was very curious where the voices were coming from, then I was worried about whether she had been poisoned by the food….but neither of these ideas were followed through.
    Keep up the great work

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