btn #13 Don’t Panic

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2 families were chosen to be tested on what they would do when a nature disaster happened 1 family was faced with bush fires and the other was cyclones. The bush fire people were told to prep there house and they did that by filling stuff up with water. The wet there house and cleared leaves from off their roof. They were also told to keep watch on the news and on reports for extra info. When the fire came closer they hid in the bathroom which is a bad idea because you cant see out anywhere. Next was the cyclone family they tried to evacuate and almost made the big mistake of driving through flood waters and the children said to go back home and hide somewhere safe. They also took everything inside, and they taped up windows. Then the test was over neither family was very prepared and thats why you should defiantly have a plan when something happens. 

How large were both disasters and how bad were they?

What would happen to the families if they made a decision that was life threatening?

Natural disasters can be big problems and being prepared could save your life. 

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