100wc #31

I woke up in the morning and peaked outside my room I saw it. Ive been waiting for this it for a long time now he had finally come it was a beast the size of a horse and was very pale. It was time to kill it. I got dressed and got my trusty bow and spear and crept out of the house and into the fog, he stood there lurking in the shadows I tip toed up to him stabbed my spear into his back and he wasnt happy I got my bow and it was to late.

Goal: To make the story mysterious and make it engaging.

2 thoughts on “100wc #31

  1. Hi Emily,
    great text it was really engaging and mysterious but just wondering wasn’t this weeks prompt, when did it arrive, if you included the prompt how so. Anyway good job.

  2. Emily,
    How strange- the twist of you killing the beast I would never have guessed was coming.
    I certainly think you have achieved your goal!
    Watch out to make sure you include full stops to show where all your sentences finish.
    Keep up the great work,

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