btn #8 Indigenous Anzacs

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Anzac day is a day when we remember the people who fought for our country, who risked their lives for others safety, it takes courage and determination to go to war. if someone did not return from war we still remember them and think of them as hero’s. We might not of been here today if others didnt risk there lives for ours. The indigenous used to be not thought of as citizens but many still went to wars and fought for our country.

Why would the indigenous fight if they weren’t even classified as citizens?

Why were they treated the same at the army but not when there just living there lives?

Indigenous wanted to be treated equally so they fought in the wars and are remembered.



One thought on “btn #8 Indigenous Anzacs

  1. Emily,
    this is an excellent example of a BTN response. You have summarised it well, and thought carefully about your questions and understanding. It is important for us to learn things from the past and your reflection shows you can understand the perspective of these people and how we might see things a bit differently,
    well done,

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