100wc #28

Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress my energy leaves my body on the first quarter of the track Sweet pours off my forehead I can’t do this I keep thinking to myself im so far from the end everyone has almost finished. I see others cheering for me with smiles on there faces supporting me as I run it gives me the energy I need to finish I soon finish and I come 4th out of 10th because of my friends cheering for me it feels good to know when someones supporting you and cheering.

My goal: To write in the perspective of the character.

One thought on “100wc #28

  1. Emily,
    well done on your response to the prompt- the idea of a race was a good fit with the prompt, and you have worked towards your goal well by using first-person perspective and giving physical and emotional details in your description of how they feel.
    Make sure as you write and as you read you are checking your punctuation. There are many spots in here where a full stop is needed to show where sentences begin and end, and to help your readers follow what you are writing.
    Well done!

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