Willy Wonka Science Experiments

This is one off our Willy Wonka Experiments we got asked why the marshmallows dissolved in the vinegar, warm water and the lemonade. Here we got asked which chocolate flouted and which didn’t. My hypothesis was that the snickers would flout and so would the milkyway and the m&m’s would sink and i was right. Here […]

100wc #15

  Hi people I am Deblasimbaloo and welcome to my version of the awesome Emily’s stupid news. But mine is called ‘The Jokester Deblasimbaloo’ DUN DUN DAAAAA I love being a comedian and making people laugh. But it is hard being what I am not really I am a stubborn fussy grumpy seal. Do you […]

My Amazing Trip to My Farm

Today at my farm it snowed!!!!! but then it hailed and rained 🙁 But it was amazing and i have a couple photos to show you The front porch after it rained for an hour Here is our dam, dams are actually very dangerous and we weren’t aloud to go near it. This is a […]