100wc #9

It was the night before Christmas i mean the night before a hurricane. i wish it was Christmas at least actually the hurricane was on Christmas we were expecting a hurricane and it happened it was a devastating 5 minutes but then the weather changed dramatically  to winter wonderland there was no such thing as a […]

100wc #8

I was walking to the CANDY STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I like CANDY and when I got to the CANDY STORE I found lots of CANDY and I love CANDY so I walked To the CHOCOLATE isle and bought a colossal CHOCOLATE egg I took it home to enjoy I had known idea that tiny people. Were […]

100wc #7

It was the day the day i would go on a sleepover with my friend named Willow. She has been my most loyal friend even in the hospital when we were born now that was a horrible sight screaming naked babies. And back on with my sleepover. It was that night when i could hear […]

My Cats

Hi and today i will be showing you my kitty-cats i have 2 cats and their names are Cruz and William Shakespeare Cruz is 1 year old and William also nicknamed as DA PAIN or Little man is a couple months old. DA PAIN is called DA PAIN because he bites you and scratches you […]