100wc #6

It was the night before the storm when lightening came In a flash of lightening I saw a cannibal it was chasing me!!!!!!! I ran for my life literally for my life I dodged a garbage can I also jumped 5 hurdles and I finally turned 2 corners leading to my house I made A run […]

100wc #5

It was the day the day I would……. FINALY GO TO THE MUSSEM! I have never been to a museum before And I am so totally exited. I took a taxi to the museum. And I arrived shortly I had entered the museum and I was in love with all of the art. And the […]

100wc #4

WIDE   ORANGE   CROCODILE   WITHIN   COLLAPSED i was at the history exibit when i saw an orange crocodile i said “mum it must be a dinosuar crocodile! is so cool can we keep it?” “Honey, it’s not a real animal it is just a molded orange crocodile,” “I WANT TO KEEP THE […]

100wc #3

I was in my science lab when I was experimenting with slime. It wasn’t like normal slime at all, it was more like living slime. The slime was green but then turned red it was like it was showing its emotions. It definitely was showing it’s emotions it was an evil slime. So I pushed […]

100wc #2

It was the night I woke to the sound of barking “shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stupid canine!” I yelled to my dog he starts barking again ‘bark!! Bark!! Bark!!’                                         “shhh you’re going to wake mum and dad!” he […]

The Lost Keys

Micky the husky was given his dinner. His owners name is Autumn she had just got back from work when she dropped the keys in Mickeys food bowl. She had not realised until she had to go outside to pick up the dog poop. So she went to the back door to pick up the […]

100wc #1

I was on my way home from school when my mum called me for dinner. I was having salmon and fish eggs, my mum gave me the plate that had my food on it. I had never had fish eggs before so I grabbed my spoon I reached for the bowl and I tried so […]